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Edgy and cool Plaid Coat from Vivienne Westwood

With plaids making a come back in the US (anyone remember Grunge?) where’s a pooch to find some realistically priced and fashionable plaid coats? UK grande dame Vivienne Westwood has got the goods – with her well-constructed and stylish line of plaids coats with 6 different plaid colorways to choose from. After her debut at Harrods Pet a Porter earlier this year, Vivienne Westwood has continued with her commitment to her high fashion dog wear line. She weaves touches of orange and blue in her plaids making them completely classic and punky at the same time. Don’t be surprised if your dog starts rocking out to the Sex Pistols and breaking beer bottles. Punk is not dead!


Vivienne Westwood debuts dog line at Pet a Porter London

This past winter at Harrod’s Pet a Porter fashion show the press clammored to cover the “World’s most expensive dog collar” by British jewlery designer Stephen Webster – clocking in at around $1.2 Million (USD) and is one of the more tasteful attempt at a “World’s Most Expensive Collar”(photo 1).

Vivienne Westwood’s Dog clothing line debut was overshadowed by the “Expensive” hype – though in that spendy vein the couture coat she designed with UK jeweler Issa was no bargain basement offering either priced at $5000.00 (photo 2). The coat was offered for sale at Harrod’s immediately after the show and was purchased by an anonymous buyer. Instead of treating this as a one-off Westwood has continued with her commitment to her Vivienne Westwood dog wear and if currently offering a more realistically priced line of collars, leads and coats. With plaids making a come back in the US, these plaid designer dog coats(photo 3) will be one to watch in 2008!


Paul Smith Striped Lead & Collar

The famous Paul Smith colorful stripes pattern on your pooch. With a very long run in the “hot” category the famous Paul Smith multi-color stripes have shown up all over the place – from footballs to Mini Coopers. And finally the famous stripes are showing up on dog accesories. The Paul Smith Leather Lead is offered in two styles – one with perpendicular stripes and another with diagonal stripes. While the perpendicular stripes look fine on The Dog Collar – we really prefer to pair it with the diagonal striped Lead. I don’t know what it is but the length of the Straight Striped Lead gives it a Guatemalan woven belt look that is not quite the look you are going for…


The Magis – Designer dog house from the UK

La casa del cane – The Magis Dog House is another excellent entry into the field of designer dog domiciles. British modern designer Michael Young has rethought the concept of dog housing from the ground up. By raising the house on stands, the underside provides a shady area for mid-day napping, the extended roof keeps rainstorms at bay, and the step stool provides a much needed boost for puppies and small dogs. And for a perfectly effete touch, above the house entrance hangs an etched brass sign reading “AMICUS FIDELIS PROTECTIO FORTIS” (faithful friend, strong protector), butch and book-ish all in one!

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