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Indognito by pet photog Karen Ngo – dogs in costumes book

Generally the phrase “dogs in costumes” sends shivers down our back – with visions of an ill-fitting taffeta explosion that embarrasses you and your dog. But this is not the case with Karen Ngo’s latest book InDognito: A Book of Canines in Costume. With an eye for lighting and modern composition – Ngo focuses on the dog wearing the costume rather than showcasing only the ridiculousness of the costume.

Don’t get us wrong we love a funny dog costume just as much as the next person – but when you can see in the dog’s eyes that they are “putting up” with it rather than being in on the joke then it goes a bit too far. But when it comes to cats in costumes – they hate it either way and it is so fun to watch them get mad – so we say “Game On!”.

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