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ChiWOWWOW saves the day with new Incredible Hulk™ Hoodies

You don’t want to see him mad! ARRRRRGH! Most dogs don’t freak out and transform into hulking green monsters whenever you commit a Doggie Don’t. But you can never be too sure. Might as well play it safe and outfit your little powder-keg in these hot new hoodies from Chi WOW WOW. They recently licensed the whole Marvel superhero line up and applied their signature “cut-n-sew” style. I can hear you asking “Superheros and dog duds – why?”; back when ChiWowWow was getting started the first ChiWOWWOW dog tee was made from a old and dear Captain America teeshirt. With the wild popularity of ChiWowWow’s other clothes one thing led to another and the folks from Marvel Comics came calling. Fast forward to now and you now can choose from a half dozen Captain America designs, Fantastic Four- Invisible Girl (pre-Alba), Silver Surfer, Spiderman, X-men and our fave the HULK! The Hulk hoodie is available for a limited time in XXS for sub 2lbs. Teacup pups. As usual all of these ChiWOWWOW pieces are 100% made in the USA and comprised of a nice ‘n stretchy cotton lycra blend. The Incredible Hulk Hoodie is available exclusively through Funnyfur.com for $90.00.


PinkPolkaDog Designer Hoodies for only the coolest canines

Handmade Hoodies for Hipster Hounds. Nothing barks “style” louder than a pink, velour, dog hoodie handmade in the good ol’ USA with a ginormous Bulldog patch on the back! Pink Polka Dog’s collection is designed with the urban hound in mind and even includes a ultra cool 70’s vintage cartoon pin for you to share with your bad boy. Choose from pink or blue velour and the folks from PinkPolka Dog will select the perfect novelty pin for your pooch. The Bulldog Hoodie sizes range from XS-XL and will only set you back $49.99-69.99. Not bad for a handmade heatmaker hoodie stitched up in the U S of A!


Puppia Hoody Vest for your street-wise Pup

You want your French Bulldog to look a bit less “French” and a bit more “Bull” during those early morning walks downtown. But your little princess doesn’t want to kick it DMX Boomer 129 style? Well Puppia Tokyo have the perfect compromise! The Sweety Hoodie Vest is a colorful, reversible and more feminine freindly hooded vest complete with pink, blue or green faux fur trim on the hood. All of these feminine good looks with the street sense and flair of a fur trimmed hoodie! It’s shell is waterproof and the lining is polar fleece which makes it perfect for those damp, chilly Spring morning walks. $65

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