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Hand-knit pet pullover with custom name from Etsy seller Knitopia

When you roll into the dog park the oft asked question of “What’s his name?” gets the full stock-ticker treatment with this cute personalized pullover from Knitopia. Each of these sweaters are handmade so the sizing for your pet can be fully customized to fit – no matter how big or small. The initial line is offered in navy blue, powder blue and pink with contrasting colored names. And with all of this hand-made attention to detail it is amazing that these name sweaters are available for only $45!.

And indirect tip of the hat to moderncat for writing up the hipster cat sweaters and bringing our attention to these gifted pet knitters on Etsy!


Outstanding hand knit outerwear for your pet from Roving Woolens

Much like an heirloom blanket or hand knitted Irish sweater, the coats and sweaters handmade by Roving Woolens are some of the finest pet garments we’ve ever seen. The extensive Roving Woolens collection is hand-made by Mandy M. Miller a fashion loving veterinarian turned designer. The label’s coat and sweater collection ranges from:

For more information about Roving Woolens visit their great website.
Also be sure to check out their in-house charity “Pets for the Planet” working to lend a voice to animals being affected by environmental issues.

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