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The Kemp Bag by 4u2reuse.com the ultimate eco-friendly poo bag holder

Avoid the evil eye of the “Eco-Poo-Nazis” at the dog park with the “I Pick UP” bag by 4u2reuse.com. These handy little bags are designed for carrying around biodegradable poo pick-up baggies, and made from recycled kites used by champion kite boarders in Florida. Since you can attach the handle to almost anything, this is a MUCH cooler alternative to the late 1980″s fanny-pack that professional dog walkers love. You can also get away with stashing your house keys and treats in this when you don’t have pockets. Priced right at $25 the “Kemps” Poo Bag Pouch from 4u2reuse is available direct from the designer at the 4u2reuse online store.


Spiffy collars made of reclaimed and recycled materials from Greenbelts

Staying in step with the eco-trend has a lot of dogs wearing recycle symbol shirts and eating from responsibly harvested wooden bowls – but while these are steps in the right direction they do not actually have an impact on the environment. Enter Shannon Ritscher, a graphic designer/stay at home mom who wanted to teach her children about recycling by re-using household materials and donated belts to create beautiful dogs collars. The lesson was learned and since then has turned into a custom recycled collar empire! Greenbelts has been on the handmade super-store Etsy for a little bit less than a year and already has a huge fan base. The collars and cuff sets that Shannon creates eschew the typical nutty-crunchy organic style exhibited by most recycled garb and relies heavily on her graphic design background. Using various old belts donated by her Seattle neighbors – Ms. Ritscher embellishes the collars with doorbells, washers, old buttons, military badges and anything else that is thrown away. And since the decorative touches are all based on whatever materials are at hand each collar is totally unique. The collars available from Greenbelts Etsy page online – range in size from XS – L with prices ranging from $20 – $45.


Sexy dog house designs from SF-based Sustainable Pet

Sustainable Pet‘s Stephanie Rubin takes a cue from ecologically responsible house building techniques and applies them beautifully to these artistic Dog dens. The Green Roof system has been in use since the 1960’s as a great insulator and stylish look for house roofs – with a 3 inch base of soil and gravel. The plants on top serve as an incredible insulator, virtually “mute” barking inside the den and help with filtering rain water into pure drinking water. Thin copper tubing directs the purified water into a waiting bowl – and with that your dog’s carbon footprint dwindles even further. The plants used for the roof include native Grasses, Strawberry plants, Mint and wild Lettuce. These plants are all native to the California region but if you order from another part of the country they will custom select plants that are native to your region. The sculptural LeafBox house design is built out of naturally rot-resistant Red cedar and is further waterproofed with natural Beeswax. Sustainable Pet offers a full range of 5 sizes ranging in price from $2000 to $6000.leafbox1.jpgleafbox2.jpg


Organic cotton Louis Dog squeaky toy

For your Green-conscience Dog – Don’t Panic It’s Organic! Organic cotton is not just reserved for hacky sacks in the parking lot at a Phish show, Louis Dog has introduced a whole product line of dog toys made from 100% organic cotton. It’s the must have plush toy for the chemically sensitive pup. This Organic Chewing Carrot is constructed out of cotton grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and is topped off with faux leather greenery so your quadra-ped friend won’t have to touch any nasty animal byproducts. Note, there is a squeaker inside, so be careful to remove it before there is any chance of choking.


Canini super cute Moto collar and leash line

Give your own Cujo a pinch of extra Mojo by complimenting his good looks with the Moto dog collar & leash by Canini.
Perfect for the metropolitan dog and owner, this leather beauty will spark up conversation everywhere you go. The grassy green, perforated leather is eye catching and the reflective piping around the edges will keep rover safe while accompaning you on your late night deli runs . The metal hardware is their own signature design and keeps the collar & leash looking fresh and very modern. Also available in white (we wouldn’t recommend wearing past Labor Day or in the muddy hinterlands of the country) and in a variety of sizes. Prices are very reasonable for such a well thought out design and vary slightly depending on the neck size of the collar you order ( $38-45), matching leashes are 50″ ($60).

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