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Flexi Leash Spider Glam Luxury Retractable Leash

Let me tell you, not all retractable leashes are made the same. Quality is extremely important when you buy a leash because if they break you can have serious problems on your hands. Recently another company sent me retractable leashes to test – claiming that they were strong enough to hold an 800 lb gorilla which turned out to be a bit of a stretch. Within 15 minutes Mister Jenkins had broken free and almost was hit by a car (gasp!!).

This Flexi Spider Glam leash is hand-made in Germany and is both elegant and durable at the same time. The hold and release button operates smoothly without getting stuck and the more than 500 Swarovski Crystals are a beautiful embellishment. This leash is one of my top picks for Halloween this season and so cool you can honestly rock it all year long.

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