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Snuggle up with your sweetie on a Crypton Throver

If you’re looking for a lasting Valentine’s gift that serves up both style and comfort for you and your beloved pup, check out the Crypton Throver. Crypton is well known for durable, stylish and high quality fabrics that are made to last. These beautiful throws are a tarp and a blanket in one. They are reversible, machine washable and have a pupstylish pattern on one side and faux suede on the other. You can use them on your couch and they are even durable enough to protect the backseat of your car. In a pinch they also make a great changing blanket for babies! The whole PupStyle pack including my two legged kids are obsessed! The Crypton Throver comes in a range of colors and patterns and is available directly from Crypton at $99.
Crypton throw blanket for dogs - Throver

Crypton Disinfectant for DogsIf things get too exciting and someone pees on your Crypton blanket, have no fear Disinfectant is here! Not only does Crypton make the fabrics, they now offer cleaning products specifically designed to clean and disinfect the non-porous Crypton Barrier fabrics. They smell fantastic (no HAZMAT suit needed!) and from personal experience they actually do remove stains (I’m looking at you Mr. Jenkins!).

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