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Flat Quack Stuffing-Free Toys by West Paw

If you’ve been anywhere near a big box pet store lately, you can’t help but notice more and more stuffing-free toys on the market.
We WORSHIP them at PupStyle HQ because they provide hours of entertainment for our psycho Jack Russell “Flo” while leaving our floors
nice, tidy and stuffing-free.

West Paw is now offering really great stuffing-free toys that look fantastic on your floor or in your dogs mouth. The Flat Quacks have two squeakers
inside to make your dog go extra bonkers.
NOTE: Please remember to throw the squeakers away immediately once they fall out to prevent choking.
The “Flat Quacks” are $14.30 and made in Montana!


Ultra-Eco West Paw chew-toy survives the jaws of “Flo”!

All of the pet products we’ve seen lately have some sort of “eco” aspect. Pretty much every company gives a percentage to some Eco organization. But companies like West Paw Designs put in a little extra effort in trying to keep the planet green – by-way-of sourcing their product materials from eco-friendly sources.

The super nice folks at West Paw Designs sent our super toy tester Flo the Jack Russell to test out their Eco Friendly Seahorse plush toy. Normally plush toys introduced to Flo are destroyed in seconds – literally (her record stands at 28 seconds!). Even with a sewn-in squeaker (which only drives Flo crazier with ripping desire!) this seahorse stood up to multiple chewing sessions without so much as a tear. Eventually (3 days later) Flo was able to open a hole and start removing the IntelliLoft™ filling – which btw sticks together and does not end up everywhere like standard cotton stuffing.

Flo chowing down on a Seahorse Chew Toy from West Paw Design

The West Paw Seahorse is made from “85% recycled IntelliLoft™ eco fabric which comes from RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES and stuffed with our IntelliLoft™ fiber fill” It’s made in the USA and certified safe by third party testing! Available in three bright colors Willow, Marigold & Green Tea. Measures 9.5″. Machine Washable.

Eco-Lifecycle of the Seahorse Chew Toy from West Paw Design

A great, strong toy that is totally earth friendly! This one is PupStyle Approved! Available directly from West Paw Design for $13.00.


Stylin’ stuffable dog chews from Planet Dog

Fruits n Veggies stuffed with treats n squeeks. Sick of getting the puppy pant and drool every time you bust out your fruits and vegetables? Toss him one that he can chomp on for hours on end. One of our favorite utilitarian toy brands Planet Dog has been hipped to the idea that dog owners actually want dog toys that look cool(shocker!). Kongs – while effective when stuffed with treats – look like a Hello Kitty version of a giant red poo. Toss out that ugly Kong once and for all and stuff a rubber eggplant, asparagas or strawberry instead. You’ll be glad you did! Available for $9.95 at Planet Dog

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