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One-of-a-Kind dog shirts from Chi-Wow Wow

Elevate your “Chi” with One-Of-A-Kind Coolness. Ever dreamed of draping your little ball of fashion-forward fury in appropriate vintage duds? Lucky for us Carolyn Paxton the founder of Chi Wow Wow has got you covered! Her love of vintage T-shirts and her dog lead to the sacrifice of her favorite Captain America T-shirt circa 1971 to create a unique outfit for her stylish Chi Elvis. And this intial piece lead to the creation of a pup style empire! Chi-Wow-Wow creates one-of-a-kind dog T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, coats and carriers from only the coolest vintage threads. Each piece is unique, and the sense of humor and style behind her designs are sure to set tongues & tails wagging. Even cooler, Chi Wow Wow donates 10% of profits to The Elvis Fund which helps find homes for homeless animals. Quite simply this company RULES!

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