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Zac Posen Posing with Pup Style

A dash of vintage chic makes this look unique! One of our favorite women’s wear designers, Zac Posen was recently spotted by racked.com on West 70th St. in NYC during fashion week walking with his pulchritudinous pups (a poodle and a long hair dachshund). Taking his curbside style to 11 – Zac dons a delicate scarf tied to his dog’s leash. Just when I think he can’t be any cooler, he manages to catch the PupStyle bug by making this leash his own!

You too can take a cue from Zac and snag a vintage scarf for a couple of bucks and add instant pup panache to your own leash. Dog-style on a dime – it’s recessionista chic! Right on Zac! (out of respect for your pupstyle savoir faire – we are not going to go there about those “man-heels”)

Zac Posen with stylish doggies


Puff Daddy rolling with pretty bitches

Earlier this week, P. Diddy made an appearance at the hotly tipped Zac Posen show in the Olympus Fashion Week tents at Bryant Park. Though embroiled in a litany of child support and paternity cases, his Diddy-ness felt confident enough to walk in with a new white girl on his arm. The white girl in question turned out to be Sophie, an 8 month old white Maltese dressed to match her date in a white blazer embroidered with a Sean John crest and a crisp linen shirt. The white fluffy dog served as a perfect counter balance to the black one Puffy has attached to his head.

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