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It’s All Fun and Games until Someone ends up in a Cone.

Somebody said “All true wisdom is found on T shirts”. And it looks like the folks at Dog is Good have taken that to heart. This super cute tee reads “It’s All Fun and Games until Someone ends up in a Cone.” and is emblazoned with a perfect rendering of a dog in the “cone of shame”. The shirts are offered in small to extra large sizes and they offer both mens and womens cuts. Available in a range of colors from Pink to Slate to Serene Green. Check the Dog is Good site for “Fun and Games” themed greeting cards, sweatshirts, hats and even medical scrubs!


Etsy Wednesday: Terrifying Dinosaur Shirt from Minoupitou

From the Great White North of Vancouver hails the excellent Etsy shop of Minoupitou. Run by Ang who also spends her daytime making costumes for big-time movies such as Tron, 2012, Suckerpunch and many others. These super cute Terrifying Dinosaur shirts will let your Jurassic Pup go wild! Available in 3 colors (pink, green & blue) the shirts come in a range of smaller dog sizes and run $45 a piece. Continue reading


Toru takes it back – with a fresh line of rescue conscience hoodies

When it comes down to it – Rescue dogs recognize that you’ve snatched them from the jaws of doom. They know it & you know they know it. Even our own in-house rescue pup Mr. Jenkins has a certain level of appreciation and patience that the other dogs can’t touch.

This is one of the reasons behind Toru’s latest super-dope line of graphic hoodies, tees and tanks which highlight RESCUE, SPAY, ADOPT and LOVE. With a whooping 15% of proceeds going to Paws 4 You Rescue – Toru puts their money where their hoodies are. If you are really scrounging for brownie points with that hot animal rescue volunteer – they offer up equally sexy RESCUE tees available for Guys and Gals. We probably would not rock the fully matching ensemble of tee, tank and hoodie unless you are going for that tough to pull off “matchy-matchy” look. The line up comes in sizes ranging from Toyz to Big Boyz (xxs- XXL) and costs range from $26-$32. Click to here to check out the Toru Rescue Collection and buy them directly from the designer!

Rescue Pup Mister Velvet Underpants cannot contain the Pep in his Step now that he is rocking his Toru Rescue Hoodie!


60’s Era Rock Tees from Manfred of Sweden

Truly collectible rock-n-roll tees and hoodies from Manfred of Sweden. While scouting for legendary pet fashion at PFW, we found some amazing rock n’ roll tees and hoodies shot by Jan Olofsson at the Manfred Of Sweden booth. Jan Olofsson is a famous Swedish photographer, who captured the spirits of 1960’s rock legends like no other. His collection of artist photos was published by Taschen as the era-defining photo book “My 60’s”. It just so happens that Jan is good buddies with the founders of Manfred Of Sweden – being a dog lover himself, when Manfred Of Sweden asked if Jan’s images could be used on dog fashion, he granted them exclusive world-wide rights! To further their collectible nature each of the items are signed, numbered and dated and the prints are transfered directly to the fabric instead of silkscreened which will fade over time. The available artist prints include Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Ike & Tina Turner, Steive Wonder, Tom Jones, Sonny & Cher. Pricing is not currently available but with the My 60’s book currently fetching $300+ on eBay be certain that these collectible pieces will retain their value whatever the cost. For more info contact Manfred of Sweden directly through their website.

Rock Photographer Jan Olofsson canoodling with Swedish supermodel Manfred.

Skele-dog shirts give you X-ray vision

The story of the Skele-dog harkens back to a long afternoon in a veterinarian waiting room with a particularly appealing dog anatomy poster. Inspired – Shawn Skeledog whipped up the first shirt design (the Dachshund) for him and his friends and started wearing it around the streets of Atlanta. Every time they walked out of the house they were bombarded with compliments from design junkies, wiener dog fanatics, vets and architects. Fast forward to today and that original wiener of bony inspiration has lead to an ever expanding collection of Skeledog tees. Currently 12 dog breeds are available – including Poodles, Jack Russells, Greyhounds, Chihuahuas and many more. Now you can step outside sporting a stylish nod to your favorite dog breed. Tees are available directly from the Skeledog website and are priced at $25.


Sweet sweats and tees from Paris-based designer Dirty Little Dog

With the streetwear tee-shirt trends moving away from clever statements and more towards innovative graphic designs – we are hoping that dog tee-shirt designers will be following soon. Leading the defection from “pun-based” dog wear towards a more refined graphic style are Parisian style-leaders Dirty Little Dog.

Their current line of tees and sweatshirts are available in 12 different designs all viewable in their current season Look Book. Dirty Little Dog’s designers Zoe and Jaimee keep it fresh by focussing in on current fashion design trends from wildlife prints (wolf see below) to the handmade modern style (see handdrawn Aibo robo-dog below) as well as repeating print patterns and remixing famous artists works (see doggie warhol below). Currently the limited edition Wolf design is available online through Comme a Paris for 49.00 Euros.


We ♥ Tripods!

Brooklyn tshirt designs in support of three legged dogs everywhere. We’ve all seen them strutting down the streets, dashing after frisbees, not lifting their leg on parking meters – Tripods. Those brave dogs who through accident or illness have lost a leg. But do not shed a tear for these tripedal tail-waggers. They somehow power through the fact that they lost 25% of their footing and balance with a perfectly synchronized ballet of tail to leg balancing. One of their peppy brethren, Lulu recently lost her superfluous forth leg to a common form of bone cancer (Osteosarcoma). In the interest of raising money for Lulu’s medical expenses as well as setting up a fund to help other osteosarcoma-stricken tripods “get back on their feet” after expensive amputation surgery and follow-up treatments – Lulu and her momma started selling awesome I ♥ TRIPODS t-shirts and more (*note these tees are kinda spendy $40 – but it is for a great cause!). These dope duds have been popping up in trendy Brooklyn boutiques and even clocked on the dance floor at Brooklyn Sugar. So what exactly are you waiting for, hop to it!

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