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Super Cute Holiday Sweater and Scarf Combo in a Big Box!

When I started PupStyle.com almost 10 years ago, my dream was to one day see pet fashion on the first floor of every major department store across America. Well this holiday season Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods are three major off-price retailers leading the charge! Just in my own holiday shopping travels I have noticed that they have expanded their pet aisles into a robust collection. I was astonished to learn that these stores receive over 10,000 new pet products a week! Now with national retailers carrying a wide selection of pet fashions and designs at insanely affordable prices the “PupStyling” of America can begin!

I found this really cute dog holiday dog sweater and scarf at Marshalls for $9.99! I love the lime green color mixed in with the traditional red and green to give it a modern twist. You know I am always a sucker for dog scarfs too!


Invading your Space with a fresh dog sweater!

Worldwide adhesive tile artist Invader has been traveling around the globe leaving his pixelated mark wherever he goes. Started as a “reality game” where participants posted Space Invader-themed artwork in public spaces for “points” – the concept has grown beyond a clever idea into a full blown art career for the industrious Invader. This June 2011 he returns home to Paris for a solo art show titled “Invader 1000” in celebration of his 1000th Space Invader being posted on the streets of Paris.

If your dog fancies him or herself as a cutting-edge, guerrilla street artist they too can “get in the Invasion game” with a Space Invader Dog Sweater. This snazzy black and white jumper features the pixelated Space Invader and can help you amass tons of street-cred points with your hipster art snob pals. Handknit by Toronto-based Etsy seller KnitPurlGeekGirl and beautifully modeled by her muse Bella the bad Spella the Space Invader Sweater is available for $19.95 from her Etsy store.


Hand-knit pet pullover with custom name from Etsy seller Knitopia

When you roll into the dog park the oft asked question of “What’s his name?” gets the full stock-ticker treatment with this cute personalized pullover from Knitopia. Each of these sweaters are handmade so the sizing for your pet can be fully customized to fit – no matter how big or small. The initial line is offered in navy blue, powder blue and pink with contrasting colored names. And with all of this hand-made attention to detail it is amazing that these name sweaters are available for only $45!.

And indirect tip of the hat to moderncat for writing up the hipster cat sweaters and bringing our attention to these gifted pet knitters on Etsy!


Outstanding hand knit outerwear for your pet from Roving Woolens

Much like an heirloom blanket or hand knitted Irish sweater, the coats and sweaters handmade by Roving Woolens are some of the finest pet garments we’ve ever seen. The extensive Roving Woolens collection is hand-made by Mandy M. Miller a fashion loving veterinarian turned designer. The label’s coat and sweater collection ranges from:

For more information about Roving Woolens visit their great website.
Also be sure to check out their in-house charity “Pets for the Planet” working to lend a voice to animals being affected by environmental issues.


Nautical sweater from J. Crew’s new dog line

Don’t shiver me timbers! J. Crew has a knack for neo-preppy people clothing and they look to extend that knack to include those neo-preppy folk’s Labarador retrievers. While the name of the dog wear line – “Crewmutts” is in the lead for “Lamest dog-pun of 2007” the clothes are actually pretty cute. The stand out piece is the Anchors Aweigh Dog Sweater available in a deep navy wool knit with the trendy nautical anchor icon. This sweater as well as the rest of the Crewmutts (ugggg.) line are available online ranging from $60-$65.


Reversible playful print sweater from G.W.Little

You won’t lose sight of your microscopic Chihuahua in this very hip, down-town reversible daisy sweater available exclusively through G. W. Little. This little number does double duty; festooned with aqua flowers on a cocoa background to match every other trendy Brown object you own or if you’re feeling a little bit “Gidget-ish”, hang ten with the Moondoggie brown flowers on the “Surf’s up” aquamarine background. This sweater even comes equiped with a little fold down collar (all the playa pups keep that collar popped & locked!). We’re not sure what kind of fiber it’s made from, but it’s mad cool and if lil’ Chico gets a bit grimey at the dog run, you can simply reverse it and rock it like it’s fresh from the cleaners. They also offer matching hats and scarves for the dog owner, but we were completely turned off by the low budget models with chipped nail polish (eeek!).

The Reversible Spots and Dots sweater is $70.

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