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Back-To-School Dog Fashion Trend-Plaids & Checks

While your fur baby may not be riding the bus to kindergarten, it’s always a fun time of year to play around with  Fall back-to-school fashion your pup as the leaves start to change and the smell of #2  pencils are in the air.

One of the hottest fashion trends in both the human and pet fashion world is plaids and checks.  I am trend-spotting plaids and checks on every thing from boy dog shirts, bow ties, dresses and even plaid accents mixed with tweeds.


Comfort and safety always come first, so while the weather is still too hot for full fashion, play around with a plaid bow-tie collar or plaid flower collar for the girlie dogs.  Stay tuned for more of my Fall Back-To-School pet fashion trends on PupStyle.com. Keep on PupStyling!!!


Edgy and cool Plaid Coat from Vivienne Westwood

With plaids making a come back in the US (anyone remember Grunge?) where’s a pooch to find some realistically priced and fashionable plaid coats? UK grande dame Vivienne Westwood has got the goods – with her well-constructed and stylish line of plaids coats with 6 different plaid colorways to choose from. After her debut at Harrods Pet a Porter earlier this year, Vivienne Westwood has continued with her commitment to her high fashion dog wear line. She weaves touches of orange and blue in her plaids making them completely classic and punky at the same time. Don’t be surprised if your dog starts rocking out to the Sex Pistols and breaking beer bottles. Punk is not dead!

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