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Puppy de Paris – Royal Dog Bowl

Could this possibly be the most refined dog bowl in the world?
Paris-based Puppy de Paris has been making museum-quality dog furniture for years. Their exclusive Baron Haussmann Sofa is the dog sofa of choice for the the Ritz Hotel Place Vendôme’s VIP pet clientelle (including Coco Chanel, the Duchess of Windsor, Elton John and many more).

This incredibly luxurious dog bowl continues Puppy de Paris’ tradition of artisan grade pet finery. The Eculle Royale bowl was inspired by a 16th century goldsmith’s drawing and references the King of France’s coat of arm’s with 3 Fleur de Lis. Crafted in their Paris-based jewelry workshop the exterior is gilded in 24K gold and the interior dish is made of glass. The Royal Bowls are offered in a limited edition of 100 pieces and each comes in a silk-lined wooden travel box. With this level of luxury price is usually no object – and in this case L’Eculle Royale lives up to it’s pedigree with a price of $4400.00 USD. For purchasing information see the Puppy de Paris website.


Pedigree Dog Food TV ad slow-mo dog action shots

The web is crackling with controversy over the latest ad campaign from Pedigree! No – dogs weren’t harmed in the making of this video. Their ad agency TWBA in Toronto filmed two beautiful spots that showcase dogs at their best at super slo-mo 1000 frames per second. But to be honest this has been done before – by French Videographers Pleix as a music video for french techno artist Vitalic. Continue reading


Sweet sweats and tees from Paris-based designer Dirty Little Dog

With the streetwear tee-shirt trends moving away from clever statements and more towards innovative graphic designs – we are hoping that dog tee-shirt designers will be following soon. Leading the defection from “pun-based” dog wear towards a more refined graphic style are Parisian style-leaders Dirty Little Dog.

Their current line of tees and sweatshirts are available in 12 different designs all viewable in their current season Look Book. Dirty Little Dog’s designers Zoe and Jaimee keep it fresh by focussing in on current fashion design trends from wildlife prints (wolf see below) to the handmade modern style (see handdrawn Aibo robo-dog below) as well as repeating print patterns and remixing famous artists works (see doggie warhol below). Currently the limited edition Wolf design is available online through Comme a Paris for 49.00 Euros.


Luxury dog collars from Pinel & Pinel

With a history of designing some of the most luxurious leather trunks in the world (the Bike Trunk, iTrunk and the Krug Champagne picnic trunk) Pinel&Pinel know about leather and exotic skins. And recently they decided to put this knowledge to work for dogs with a colorful selection of collars and leashes made available in leather, crocodile and shagreen. We were left scratching our heads at “Shagreen” as well – only to find out that it is a rare skin made from sharks and stingrays. While the standard stainless steel hardware doesn’t quite match the quality of the skins we will let that slide for now thanks to the wide range of color and textures. Available for purchase by appointment only at the Pinel&Pinel showroom in Paris.


Paris’s Atypyk collects dog droppings direct from the streets of Paris

Ohh la la – Le shit de Paris! w York and Paris regularly battle over which is considered the most fashionable city on the planet. While the competition continues over the most chic municipality, Paris is far and away the champion in one cherished category – “Most Dog Shit”. Along with the trappings of being the World’s Canine Crapital comes an air of exclusivity and caché. Parisian art/design shop ATYPYK decided to “crapitalize” on this abundant natural resource strewn on the streets of Paris. Initially started as a fictional art project complete with a robot army to harvest this “Lucky Dog Shit” from the streets – the Shit from Paris site has received multiple requests for purchase. The interest has grown to such a degree that you can now become a member of the SfP Fan Club (complete with PDF membership card). And coming soon you will be able to purchase the Lucky Dog Shit From Paris as well as assorted merchandise.

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