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Fuzzy Nation’s got it in the Bag!

When I first came upon the Fuzzy Nation website I was instantly hooked! Being obsessed with the cuteness of my two little loves, the idea of having their image embedded on a fashion accessory was beyond exciting! I immediately placed an order and anxiously awaited my delivery.

I chose an ultra-cute pic of Emmett wearing his drag wig and had it applied to a silver cosmetic bag. The end result was spectacular! Even better than I could have hoped for. The bag is couture quality and the image transfer is stunning.

Expect about a 6 week turnaround and some excellent customer service. In addition to custom order bags Fuzzy Nation also makes the most adorable plush handbags in a variety of breeds!

I happen to love the Limited Edition Chinese Crested with a cream colored poly/cotton blend body and tattoo print. With Pink fur on it’s feet, tail and face and a fabric flower in her hair “Betsey” is more than bitchin’!


Kate Spade Spayed her dog line!

Don’t call that Spade a Spayed! In response to outrage fostered by the postings on this site, Kate Spade has finally come around and is now offering a fine bag for toting toto. Known for her simple style and grace, Kate teams up with cartoonist Maira Kalman to create this simple yet sassy canvas dog carrier (no longer available – bitch!).


Hot dog purse from Petote

The Metro dog carrier by Petote is the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life. This bag is sophisticated, sexy and down-right beautiful. Made with tasteful fabrics, trimmed with designer Italian leather and gold plated hardware, it’s the perfect repose for your pup on the go while Mommy’s on a bit of a spree in the shoe department at Barney’s. It’s even designed to accomodate a two doggie play date!

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