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PuppyLocks Feather Hair Extensions for dogs

Pet fashion always follows human fashion trends and the super HOT feather hair extension trend sweeping across America is no exception! First it was “Mommy and Me” clothes, then shoes, followed by jewelry and nail polish and now feather hair accessories.

Puppy Locks offers a rainbow of high-quality feathers to choose from and also offers a cool holiday gift set that comes with feathers, instructions, tools and a matching FeatherLocks clip. The FeatherLocks clip attaches like a barrette, so you can easily clip it onto a wiggly dog’s hair. Check the photo below as our dog, Mr. Jenkins rocks the FeatherLocks clip. It’s a really fun way to add a dash of pet fashion for the holidays and is guaranteed to make for GREAT puppy photos! The holiday gift set sells for $30 and can be purchased directly from PuppyLocks.com


HOT DESIGNER ALERT! Little Yorkie Fru Fru

Ever wish you were a dog? I’ll bet you say “yes” for many reasons, but my reason today is due to my latest dog fashion obsession with Little Yorkie Fru Fru.

As a former ballerina, and mother of two girlie-girls, I have a serious addiction to tutus and would be begging to be decked out in Little Yorkie Fru Fru’s tutu harness if I were a dog. The creator of this brand Kelly Owens pays insane attention to detail and craftsmanship that you’ll never find from a mass produced brand. If you’re looking for the perfect doggie party dress or even just a few festive accessories for big or small dogs, look no further than Little Yorkie Fru Fru.


Etsy Wednesday: Pirate Hats from Lena Pavia

One week until the curtain goes up on our all-dog musical theatre production The Pirates of Penzance and our hat maker dropped out!
Where in the world can I get Pirate Dog Hats for the entire ensemble cast?!?!
Wait a minute – I know just the spot! Lena Pavia knows her strengths and she plays to them masterfully with her 31 item collection of various feathery, ruffly head gear. An obvious Andrew Lloyd Weber junkie – Ms. Pavia is in lock step with the continuing pirate trend. And remember with International Talk like a Pirate Day coming up September 19th – you are far better off taking care of headwear now before the season gets into full swing and they sell out of all the cool ones! Check out some top picks after the jump. Continue reading

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