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Snub Beds for modern little dogs with BIG DREAMS!

Prepare to PupStyle your home interior! You DON’T have to settle for ratty old dog beds any longer. The Snub Bed is a shining example of how the pet home furnishings world is quickly expanding to fill the void in the “cute dog bed” space. If you’re a modern design junkie like me, then this is the bed for you! Beauty and function are blended in this cute, stripey and fuzzy number and your little nipper will quickly claim this bed as their own (if it was any bigger I’d fight him for it!). What I love most about this bed are the colorful SnubPads that can be inter-changed to fit your decor or mood. The outer edge of the bed is overstuffed faux mink, while the bottom is made from leather to prevent slippage on smooth flooring. The inner SnubPad is colored stripey canvas on one side with faux mink on the other. The removable inner cushion can be taken along for travel or even serve as a cute accent pillow on your couch. You can scoop up a Snub Bed for $129 directly from the designer and buy additional SnubPads in other colors for only $35.


Exclusive Diva Dog Mink Collars

Is it a kinky boudoir restraint for Paris Hilton or an outlandish fashion accoutrement for your pooch? You can noodle on who belongs with what, but Diva Dog has designed this limited edition leash and collar ensemble with a four legged audience in mind. Now, your pup’s fashion accessories can coordinate with your late night, naughty pumps. And for the “Exclusivity whores”, rest easy knowing that only 250 lucky dogs will get to strut the streets in this stylish set. It comes packed in a leopard print box, with a certificate of authenticity and a unique serial number. They also throw in a Swarovski crystal crusted collar charm to bring added bling to the party. Priced at only $250, this one of a kind Haute Pink Collar and Leash Set is a doggie bargain not to be missed!

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