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Dog Poop Bag Holder Nominated for 2021 ETSY Design Award

Let’s not be shy about talking about dog poop. It’s a part of pet parenthood we all have to “handle”. You might as well make it stylish and invest in a pretty, personalized poo bag holder that attaches to a dog leash.

The pet product category of all things “poop” has grown so much that your dog’s poop bag holder has become a bit of a status symbol at the dog park. Etsy is even looking at poop bag holders as something that can be beautifully designed as illustrated by SPRI Studios being featured as a 2021 Etsy Design Award Finalist.

Handmade from sustainably sourced, premium quality British leather and made in the UK. It’s  a clever origami design that’s seamless with no need for stitching and held tight by a secure popper. Choose from fuchsia pink, mint green, tan brown, black, lilac, orange or leopard print leather, and personalized with your initials or your dog’s name in gold foil.

These also make great gift ideas for your pet sitter or dog walker who do a LOT of poo picking up. Not a bad price at $37.66 each.


PupStyle HOME-Corgi Dog On Wheels Art-Upcycled Dictionary Page

Etsy.com is one of my go-to treasure troves of new talent in all things design and dog.  CollageOrama store on Easy.com offers

a really cool selection of dog illustration art printed on upcycled dictionary pages. All things art on old book pages are a hot interior home design trend, but I almost had a cute-attack when I saw this Admiral Wheels the Steampunk Corgi dog print.


Special needs dogs are beginning to get the attention they deserve and this is just another example of who the awareness trend continues to grow. YAY!!



If you want the ULTIMATE conversation piece, pick this print up for your punk rock loving rat friends. These prints will only set you back $6.99!! The price is a bargain!


Beantown Homemade featured on Etsy

Beantown Homemade is one of the many great pet fashion merchants that has made Etsy a “go-to” resource for awesome handmade dog fashions. Mascot/supermodel Bean has been a constant fave on the PupStyle Flickr Group. And Beantown Handmade’s designs have been featured on PupStyle in the past. Now the folks at Etsy have recognized Beantown Handmade as one of the reasons for their success and devoted a video feature to the designer.


Invading your Space with a fresh dog sweater!

Worldwide adhesive tile artist Invader has been traveling around the globe leaving his pixelated mark wherever he goes. Started as a “reality game” where participants posted Space Invader-themed artwork in public spaces for “points” – the concept has grown beyond a clever idea into a full blown art career for the industrious Invader. This June 2011 he returns home to Paris for a solo art show titled “Invader 1000” in celebration of his 1000th Space Invader being posted on the streets of Paris.

If your dog fancies him or herself as a cutting-edge, guerrilla street artist they too can “get in the Invasion game” with a Space Invader Dog Sweater. This snazzy black and white jumper features the pixelated Space Invader and can help you amass tons of street-cred points with your hipster art snob pals. Handknit by Toronto-based Etsy seller KnitPurlGeekGirl and beautifully modeled by her muse Bella the bad Spella the Space Invader Sweater is available for $19.95 from her Etsy store.


Personalized Dog House Wall Art Decal

From Etsy designers Graphic Spaces comes this most stylish wall art to freshen up any drab wall with a dash of whimsy! Available in multiple sizes these removable wall decals can be customized with your doggie’s name. The Dog House Vinyl Wall Art Decal is priced at $30 and available through their Etsy page. These graphical pieces can spruce up your feeding area with low impact.

And $30 is such a low price for what could amount to the ultimate “Wile E. Coyote” style practical joke.


HOT DESIGNER ALERT! Little Yorkie Fru Fru

Ever wish you were a dog? I’ll bet you say “yes” for many reasons, but my reason today is due to my latest dog fashion obsession with Little Yorkie Fru Fru.

As a former ballerina, and mother of two girlie-girls, I have a serious addiction to tutus and would be begging to be decked out in Little Yorkie Fru Fru’s tutu harness if I were a dog. The creator of this brand Kelly Owens pays insane attention to detail and craftsmanship that you’ll never find from a mass produced brand. If you’re looking for the perfect doggie party dress or even just a few festive accessories for big or small dogs, look no further than Little Yorkie Fru Fru.


Etsy Wednesday: Rear Gear

With a little bit of imagination, paper, string and an etsy account the world is your oyster! And in this case Lauren Shumaker the creator “behind” RearGear has set herself up with a great little side business while in school finishing her engineering degree. The etsy page heralds the product claim of “No more Mr. Brown Eye” and it delivers!

A simple design that hangs from your dog’s tail like a rear view air freshener while covering up their butt. The Rear Gear is offered in a wide range of design choices Continue reading

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