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PupStyle Pumpkins! DIY Dog Pumpkin Carving Project

Halloween is by far one our favorite holidays at PupStyle.com.  In my family we have a yearly tradition of carving pumpkins.  Every year I like to change it up so this year,  I was inspired by my Chiweenie Sophie!


I can’t resist her adorable face and hey why not put her face on a pumpkin? Here are the steps I took to create my Sophie Pumpkin!

Simply go to google and type in the breed of dog you have along with free pumpkin printable. For example I typed: weenie dog free pumpkin printable.

After looking into some different websites, I then found a printable weenie dog pumpkin carving that also came with directions! http://www.ilovedachshunds.org/free-dachshund-pumpkin-carving-stencil-pattern/

I then followed the directions and wala! My Sophie pumpkin is complete!



Brava!!! Belissima!! Dogs and Dolls

Luxury Pet Accessories Dog & Dolls is the all-Italian brand that is simply put Belissima!

Dogs and Dolls
Dogs and Dolls
Dogs and DollsDogs and Dolls

From these adorable sweatshirts made in stretch cotton featuring prints dedicated to singular dog breeds or groups of dogs and embellished with pearls and Swarovski crystals, to this stunning Eco-leather jewel harness made ​​with pearls, crystals and floral applications in resin, finished with Swarovski,this collection made in Italy by specialized workshops are really special!

Dogs and Dollsimage

Personally I am dying to wrap up my little ones in this snuggie and say Buona Notte!



Puppy de Paris


The prestigious décor of Paris, and testimony to French history, is at the the heart of all Puppy de Paris products. Karin Fainas’ love of Fine Jewelry along with days spent at the Place Vendome inspired these unique luxurious home accouterments. They are so refined and elegant it seems crazy to call them beds and closets!


I am smitten with this combination dog bed armoire! So absolutely regal and posh! The craftsmanship is just amazing!


Lined with the plushest of velvet this lap of luxury item is only for the most discriminating pooch!


Of course with all of this luxury one could not eat from a ceramic dog bowl . Non, non, non, non ,non!!!!!! May we present this lovely fleur-de-lis gold gilded bowl! The first mention of the fleur-de-lis is found in the Bible. It is described as the symbol of the beloved, the one who was chosen. Starting in the twelfth century, the fleur-de-lis became the emblem of royalty in France. It was Henry the IV King of France who said Love me, Love my Dog!


For more on the craftsmanship of these items visit Puppy de Paris


Laurie Anderson Dog Concert in Sydney Australia

“If the music is too loud you’re a dog.”

Lou Reed and his wife Laurie Anderson recently held a concert “Music For Dogs” which was billed as “an inter-species social gathering on a scale never seen before in Australia”!
Held in front of the famous Sydney Opera House over 1000 dogs and their owners showed up for the show. Laurie Anderson and her band played a 20 minute “piece” of “music” tuned to the upper ranges of sound only audible to dogs.

more can been seen in this Reuters Video


Glossy Dogs from Phaidon

World famous Phaidon Press releases a new photobook devoted to the Dog.
With the current crop of coffee table Dog books tending to be more along the lines of studio shot wonder mutts or retouched moody pooch portraits – it is refreshing to have a new title that mines gems from turn of the century photographs. This book was compiled by National Arts Club – Photographic Chair Catherine Johnson and is made up of predominantly anonymous snap shots and family photos. But throughout each shot there is a common thread of the love shared between man and his best friend. Ranging from the humorous to tear jerking each of these seemingly mundane shots have a glimmer of sophisticated insight into the relationship we have with our dogs. This book is newly available from Phaidon directly for £9.95.

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