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Today on PupStyle “Home”- KoolDog Modern Dog House On KickStarter

Today on PupStyle Home we feature KoolDog Modern Dog House on Kickstarter.

KickStarter is quickly becoming a treasure trove of pet product innovation.  You can find passionate entrepreneurs looking to fund everything from high-tech pet fitness gadgets to modern dog houses. The Kool Dog House is one of the most artistic and functional dog dens I’ve seen in a while.   It actually sooooo COOOOL that it was chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick.

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This baby is built to last from sleek design to it’s metal construction and the super fabric by Crypton they use on their washable slip covers.  The designer Ki Park has really given through thought to every design feature of this den.  It’s simply beautiful and is home furnishing accessory for both YOU and your PET.

I look forward to watching this awesome design come to market!  Keep your eye on this brand gang!


Happily Ever After Chair/Dog House

This is a very interesting looking piece of furniture – What is it? The Happily Ever After Chair was designed by Kim Hyun Joo as a way to blend a dog house and a chair into one piece that let’s both coexist in a small space. Made of cast resin with a fabric seat cushion this looks like a great way to pal around with your pooch during lazy weekends. The design was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2008. For more information see the designer’s site – Kim Hyun Joo.


Personalized Dog House Wall Art Decal

From Etsy designers Graphic Spaces comes this most stylish wall art to freshen up any drab wall with a dash of whimsy! Available in multiple sizes these removable wall decals can be customized with your doggie’s name. The Dog House Vinyl Wall Art Decal is priced at $30 and available through their Etsy page. These graphical pieces can spruce up your feeding area with low impact.

And $30 is such a low price for what could amount to the ultimate “Wile E. Coyote” style practical joke.


The Obama dog house

Eco friendly dog house from Sustainable Pet is ready for the First Dog. The Obama family keeps making all kinds of public statements about the upcoming First Dog arrival – and it looks like in April the question will finally be answered. But leading up to that point – the fine folks at Sustainable Pet have created the Summa Canum as a gift to the yet-to-be-named presidential pooch. In the past we reported on SustainablePet’s Green roof dog houses as they made quite a splash on the Eco-friendly pet market.

With the Summa Canum project Sustainable Pet have taken Eco-design to a whole new level! The dog house is built from reclaimed Cedar trees naturally felled in a tornado on 7th President Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage property, painted with non-toxic zero-VOC paints and the “Green” roof will be outfitted with local vegetation supplied by a Maryland farm. In order to deliver the white dog house to the white house they have made arrangements to further eliminate their carbon-footprint – Rock-legend and Eco-warrior Neil Young will be delivering the Summa Canum to DC in his LincVolt (a super-efficient electric converted Lincoln Continental).

Obama Dog House Front
Obama Dog House Back

Sexy dog house designs from SF-based Sustainable Pet

Sustainable Pet‘s Stephanie Rubin takes a cue from ecologically responsible house building techniques and applies them beautifully to these artistic Dog dens. The Green Roof system has been in use since the 1960’s as a great insulator and stylish look for house roofs – with a 3 inch base of soil and gravel. The plants on top serve as an incredible insulator, virtually “mute” barking inside the den and help with filtering rain water into pure drinking water. Thin copper tubing directs the purified water into a waiting bowl – and with that your dog’s carbon footprint dwindles even further. The plants used for the roof include native Grasses, Strawberry plants, Mint and wild Lettuce. These plants are all native to the California region but if you order from another part of the country they will custom select plants that are native to your region. The sculptural LeafBox house design is built out of naturally rot-resistant Red cedar and is further waterproofed with natural Beeswax. Sustainable Pet offers a full range of 5 sizes ranging in price from $2000 to $6000.leafbox1.jpgleafbox2.jpg


The Bella Dogga Cape Dog House

A beautifully shingled bungalow for your Pup’s summer vacation. Looking like a later day Pee Wee’s Playhouse the Bella Dogga Cape House is a obtusely angled masterpiece! Made in the USA from heavy duty birch wood with weather resistant cedar shingles inspired by New England Cape Cod style houses. The angled design of this house leans out so that the roof line is larger than the footprint. While this can protect your pooch from summer drizzles the open windows and door cannot really afford protection from the cold of winter. So while you will have to pack it up for the snow season – this beauty will treat you right for the milder months. The house is available for $675 directly from Bella Dogga (with free shipping!).


The Magis – Designer dog house from the UK

La casa del cane – The Magis Dog House is another excellent entry into the field of designer dog domiciles. British modern designer Michael Young has rethought the concept of dog housing from the ground up. By raising the house on stands, the underside provides a shady area for mid-day napping, the extended roof keeps rainstorms at bay, and the step stool provides a much needed boost for puppies and small dogs. And for a perfectly effete touch, above the house entrance hangs an etched brass sign reading “AMICUS FIDELIS PROTECTIO FORTIS” (faithful friend, strong protector), butch and book-ish all in one!


Doggie Dojo – Aijoaru2 hardwood dog house

Aijoaru2 hardwood Pet house Do not banish your pal to a dark and dreary “dog house”, instead style your pooch with a handmade, hardwood Aijoaru2 Pet house . Made of the finest hardwoods, this pet house features movable slats that allow light and air to circulate. Designed in the traditional “Snoopy-esque” dog house form this unit parts with tradition there and embraces a clean modern look for today’s contemporary styles. Aijoaru2 also offers other custom pet house styles, but they tend to look more like a grade-school stage prop than a refined MOMA permanant collection candidate.

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