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Pet Fashion Expert Dara Foster to judge Pet Design Award at PFW 2008

Prepare to be judged! With the recent announcement of Pet Fashion Week 2008 happening this summer August 23-24 there has been a great deal of excitement in the PupStyle offices. On top of that our own pet fashion expert Dara Foster was selected as one of the judges for this years PFW Lifestyle Innovation Design Award. This year’s Lifestyle Innovation Design competition is in the category of “Pet Dinnerware” and will no doubt serve up some of the most interesting and creative designs from all over the world of pet design. Not only will Dara be judging this coveted award – but keep a look out for our upcoming “PFW Lifestyle Innovation Award LookBook” right here in the PupStyle LookBook featuring pictures and profiles of the 8 finalists and their designs.


Pet Fashion Week 2008 Dog Fashion Trends Wrap up

Dara Foster wraps up the year in fashion at Pet Fashion Week New York. Dara closes out the year in VIP style – backstage after the runway show interviewing the nice folks from iDawg, chatting up the UrbanHound booth, getting down to the nitty gritty with Westminster’s David Frei and re-reading the prescription on BullyWare.

Chronolgical listing of designers featured:

  1. iDawg
  2. Urban Hund
  3. Angel on a Leash
  4. Bully Ware

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