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July 19th 10pm Dara Foster on TV LAND!

Get ready for you and your pet’s Best Night In with TV Land! To help promote the up coming pet flick Cats & Dogs – Revenge of Kitty Galore – Dara showed up at the TV Land studios to fill in viewers with tips and tricks for finding the perfect breed of dog or cat to fit their lifestyle. The movie they’ll be showing is the drool and slobber filled classic dog buddy movie Turner & Hooch starring a fresh from Splash Tom Hanks in his requisite dog flick. Dara will be on set with a Beagle, Bull Mastiff, Dalmatian, Cocker Spaniel as well as a Sphinx and Tuxedo tabby. Truth be told – Dara is allergic to cats so keep your eye’s peeled for puffy and sniffly reactions while Dara styles the kitties. Tune in at 10pm EST to watch or check your local listings.


Pet Life Radio with Dara Foster

Dara Foster hosted her latest installment of “The Pet Set” on PetlifeRadio.com.

This episode included a fascinating interview with Groomer Has It superstar Jorge Bendersky. Jorge can be seen as a grooming judge on TLC’s new show “Extreme Poodles”. A long time friend of PupStyle – he shares some great grooming tips with Dara and fully flexes his outrageous accent!

Dara also takes the time to talk with Sheryl Matthys the author of the best selling relationship book Leashes and Lovers and founder of the social networking site Leashesandlovers.com. Sheryl talks about ways to handle a relationship break up and dog custody issues and well as tips on how to best blend your dog into your new love life.

Listen to the Pet Set by clicking the play button below:
Listen to the Pet Set Now

or you can visit PetLifeRadio.com to read more and listen.
or you can even download the show via iTunes for easy iPod listening!


Backstage at Wendy Williams March 1 2010

Dara Foster showed up to the Wendy Williams show for an awesome time putting on Wendy’s first dog fashion show! The audience went nuts and Wendy was absolutely gaga over one of the models! Tune in tomorrow March 2nd 2010 for the Wendy Williams show to see the whole thing!

Find your local times on the Wendy Williams site.

Here are some shots from behind the scenes at the hottest talk show on television The Wendy Williams Show.

Wendy was super nice and the whole crew at WW were absolutely wonderful! The audience was so into it!

Say it like you mean it.. Shout it out! Woohoo….Woohoo…..Woohoo


i Love Dogs Inc. loves Dara Foster

The lovely folks over at i Love Dogs wrote up a glowing feature of our own Dara Foster. Peppered with tidbits of trivia about how Dara went from a midwestern gal with a soft spot for dogs to the world’s one and only pet style expert. This interview is nice as it doesn’t just focus on the “OMG” factor of dog fashion and actually digs a little deeper into her past and future.

i Love Dogs will be travelling to New York City to accompany the world’s most expensive dog collar ($150,000.00!) as it makes it’s televisual debut on the Wendy Williams Show! Tune in this Tuesday March 2nd to see this and more as Dara brings canine high style to the Wendy show!


Preventing Holiday Mishaps w/ Dara Foster

This morning Dara brought folks across the nation helpful tips on keeping your pets safe, healthy & happy this holiday season.
During the holidays it is great to know what stylish goodies around your home can become dangers to your furry friend. Here are a few key things I always tell readers to keep in mind when decking their halls.

      1. Chocolate has a chemical in it called theobromine which can make your dog very ill and even cause death. Keep all chocolate candy, cookies and cakes out of your dogs reach. Be extra careful if you have a stealthy, large breed dog who can quietly steal food from the counter tops.
      2. Be careful where you place those lovely candles. Brushed by a dogs wagging tail or knocked over by a climbing kitty and torch your entire home plus can serious burns to your pet.
      3. We all love twinkling holiday lights, but so do puppies! Make sure you keep electrical cords stashed away from the reach of a teething puppies so your puppy doesn’t light up like a light bulb. That would not be good.
      4. Glass ornaments if broken and ingested can cause serious internal bleeding and require an emergency visit to your vet.
      5. Shiny tinsel if swallowed by a dog or cat can be a choking hazard and cause intestinal blockages. Avoid using or place out of reach unless you are confident your pet isn’t interested playing with it.

For more information check out these sites:

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Vet’s Best Travel Calm Supplement

Earth Bath Pet Shampoo & Eye and Ear Wipes

Pepper & Tanky Pet Eau de Parfum

AND for the awesome Chi-reindeer X-mas tree decoration shown in this post check out These Creatures.

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