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Preventing Holiday Mishaps w/ Dara Foster

This morning Dara brought folks across the nation helpful tips on keeping your pets safe, healthy & happy this holiday season.
During the holidays it is great to know what stylish goodies around your home can become dangers to your furry friend. Here are a few key things I always tell readers to keep in mind when decking their halls.

      1. Chocolate has a chemical in it called theobromine which can make your dog very ill and even cause death. Keep all chocolate candy, cookies and cakes out of your dogs reach. Be extra careful if you have a stealthy, large breed dog who can quietly steal food from the counter tops.
      2. Be careful where you place those lovely candles. Brushed by a dogs wagging tail or knocked over by a climbing kitty and torch your entire home plus can serious burns to your pet.
      3. We all love twinkling holiday lights, but so do puppies! Make sure you keep electrical cords stashed away from the reach of a teething puppies so your puppy doesn’t light up like a light bulb. That would not be good.
      4. Glass ornaments if broken and ingested can cause serious internal bleeding and require an emergency visit to your vet.
      5. Shiny tinsel if swallowed by a dog or cat can be a choking hazard and cause intestinal blockages. Avoid using or place out of reach unless you are confident your pet isn’t interested playing with it.

For more information check out these sites:

Bamboo Disposable Waste Bags & Dispenser

Sherpa Pet Bag American Airlines Carrier

Vet’s Best Travel Calm Supplement

Earth Bath Pet Shampoo & Eye and Ear Wipes

Pepper & Tanky Pet Eau de Parfum

AND for the awesome Chi-reindeer X-mas tree decoration shown in this post check out These Creatures.


Dara Foster on TODAY Holiday show 2009

Holiday Giving to your Pet brought to you from Dara Foster. This December 10th Dara Foster PupStyle’s own pet style expert had a segment on the TODAY show with Hoda Kotb.

With the barking approval of her models – she had most of America’s dog rapt with attention as she listed the top gifts for the season.

The full write up of her gift list is available on the TODAY show MSNBC site.

Here is a quick recap of the Holiday pet gifts and links:

Mr. BoJangles on the TODAY show set
Red Calgary Cashmere Sweater with PomPom Scarf available at Trixie and Peanut $35.00
Scarlet Starlet step-in Harness available at Haute Dog Boutique $58
Emmet on the TODAY show
Evil Elf Society Shirt from Bullyware available at ZoomiesNYC $36
Shabby Dog Cuff and Leash set
Red Patent Leather Cuff, Collar and Leash set from Shabby Dog Cuff: $40; Collar: $36-$56; Leash: $88
Luggage tags
Fluff LA Breed Luggage Tags from Trixie and Peanut $12
Dog Collar Wallet and Purse
Dog Collar Wallet and Purse from Daisy Couture $8.95-$9.95
Frolick Lasso Retractable Leash
Lasso Retractable Leash from Frolick Pet Products $30
Unleashed Life Wood Grain Bowls
Acacia Wood Bowls from Unleashed Life $25-$40
Molly Mutt Duvet Covers
Dog Bed Duvet Covers from Molly Mutt $25-$38
These Creatures Wall Mounted Feeders
Wall Mounted Metal Art Feeders from These Creatures $150- $235
Do You Mind? Dice and Card Game and West Paw Designs Toys
Do You Mind? Card and Dice Game from Darfinc $24.95
West Paw Designs Dodo and Owl Chew Toys $13

Planet Dog Glow for Good Ball
Glow for Good Ball from Planet Dog$11.95


Insanely Pampered Hollywood Dogs

E! Entertainment celebrity dog special. The first airing of E!’s Insanely Pampered Hollywood Dogs will be tonight July 13th 2009. Check your local listing for time – (Eastcoaster’s it is airing around 10pm). Radar Online selected the show as one of Monday’s TV Hot List! Celebrity dog fashion stylist Dara Foster will be featured working her PupStyle magic with Taryn Manning and her super cute pup Penguin.
Check out the video of Dara Foster from the E! Special:


Doggie Ambush Makeover on the TODAY show

Celebrity pet fashion stylist Dara Foster and Groomer to the stars Jorge Bendersky rocked the NBC Plaza! Dara Foster (pupstyle) & Jorge Bendersky (groomer has it) teamed up to take three scruffy pups and transform them into top drawer doggies on the Today show’s first Ambush Doggie Makeover

To all of the throngs PupStyle fans who showed up on the Plaza THANK YOU SO MUCH! You all turned out in such force – that it gives us a reason to do MORE Ambush Doggie Makeovers!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Ambush Doggie Makeovers - TODAY Show


Dara Foster’s TODAY Show Top 6 Pet Essentials

All of the products Dara Foster featured on the May 31st 2009 TODAY show.
There are so many pet products out these days and some can put a real dent in your wallet. Dara went on the TODAY show Weekend Edition on May 31st 2009 and ran down a list of 6 essential pet products that can pamper while being practical and let’s you splurge on some style.

For all of you fashionistas keeping score; Dara was wearing a red dress from Banana Republic (deviating from her DVF-only dress code). And now on to the Top 6 – Let’s go!

Bamboo Seat belt leash
1. Quick Control Leash
by Bamboo
available at amazon.com

Bamboo Quick Control Collar
2. Quick Control Collar
by Bamboo
available at PetSmart

3. iPickUp2 Doggie Bags
by 4u2reuse
available at ipickup2.com

Hepper Nest
4. Hepper Pet Nest
by Hepper Home
available at hepperhome.com

Charlies Box Cat Litter
5. Charlie’s Box & Scoop Cat Litter Box
by Charlie’s Box
available at catsrule.com

WetNoz SpringRoll
6. WetNoz SpringRoll Dog Toy
by WetNoz
available at wetnoz.com


Dogster.com Tips: Dara Foster’s got you covered

PupStyle’s pet fashion expert Dara featured this week on Dogster.com. This week the doggie social super-site Dogster.com gets an extra dash of PupStyle with a week of fashion and lifestyle tips from Dara. With everything from eco-conscience pet toy selections to handy household clean up tips Dara will give the whole Dogster community a week of stylish living that they’ll never forget! Click thru to read more on Dogster.com


Pet Fashion Week 2008 Dog Fashion Trends Wrap up

Dara Foster wraps up the year in fashion at Pet Fashion Week New York. Dara closes out the year in VIP style – backstage after the runway show interviewing the nice folks from iDawg, chatting up the UrbanHound booth, getting down to the nitty gritty with Westminster’s David Frei and re-reading the prescription on BullyWare.

Chronolgical listing of designers featured:

  1. iDawg
  2. Urban Hund
  3. Angel on a Leash
  4. Bully Ware

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