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Cindy Adams LOVES Jazzy Jr. long time!

No REALLY she LOVES Jazzy Jr.! Can you maybe love him a little bit less? Please?. Cindy Adams (AARP Gossipist for Page Six) was spotted on the couch at The View (March 16, 2006) blabbing with Babs and the girls about her dog clothing line “Jazzy Couture“. While hawking her doggie duds Cindy insisted on viciously making out with her miniature Yorkie, Jazzy Jr. and exposing the daytime audience to more tongue than Gene Simmons’ dentist. Cindy’s constant refrain of “I have no one else in my life” over and over again was stemmed as Barbara pointed out that she has many friends and a great career. But alas poor Cindy exclaimed “these are my life! They are all that I have!” and began sucking on her dog’s face like it was the antidote. Ms. Adams’ obviously has some very deep feelings for dogs, as is evident by her outstanding service with the ASPCA and other dog rescue groups. But these feelings run a bit too deep when on-air intra-species PDA gets The View a TV-MA rating at 10 in the morning.

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