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Super cool airline style bags from Bagira

If you’ve made it this far into the holiday season your gift well is probably running dry for new and interesting ideas. Another holiday present option for the fashionable “dog-minded” person on your list is the Bagira bag series. A straight forward and clean-lined series of dog motifs decorate the exterior to these handy on-the-go bags. The series ranges (see below) from a shoulder strapped Poodle model to an extra long Daschund model to a standard bag edition (with the non-breed specific Bagira logo). Our European readers definitely get the better of this deal as the bags range in price from 80-155 Euros ($120-$230 USD) and they are available directly from Bagira on their site.


Delicious and colorful new carrier from Canini Pet

It’s rare day when the Pupstyle staff finds a dog carrier worthy of travel with our own precious pooch, but this cutie by Canini Pet is irresistible. It is a nice update on the classic bowling bag design with a handy outside pocket for mommy’s money and a small treat or two. The carrier also appears to be less of a back wrenching torture device that most dog carriers on the market. Three sides are vented for air and the inside is lined with stain resistant cotton (major bonus) with a removable faux fur padded pillow. They also went the extra step and lined the pull out chin rest with fax fur and included a collar latch to prevent suicide leaps while you’re on the go. The leather is a sturdy pebble grain and comes in a Punch Pink/Preppy Green and an Azure Blue/Chocolate Brown. Not a bad deal for $350 given all the finishing details included with this bag. And it is available to buy direct from the designer.


Dastardly Dog Purse does permanant damage to your dogs pysche

Dogs are not fannyPack animals. This doggie embarrasment disguised as a “PuppyPurse” by Mardiwoof is more likely to get you arrested by the ASPCA than earn you stripes on your fashionista lapel. This dog carrier is perfect if you’re in a pinch for a redneck prom corsage or hankering for really bad Easter hat. If the looks weren’t atrocious enough, the straps adjust so that you can wear your dog as a fanny pack for hands free abuse. If you actually want your dog to get some exercise, the shoulder strap detaches at one end to become a leash for a “march of shame” past the snickers and jeers of your more fashionable peers.


Kate Spade Spayed her dog line!

Don’t call that Spade a Spayed! In response to outrage fostered by the postings on this site, Kate Spade has finally come around and is now offering a fine bag for toting toto. Known for her simple style and grace, Kate teams up with cartoonist Maira Kalman to create this simple yet sassy canvas dog carrier (no longer available – bitch!).


Hot dog purse from Petote

The Metro dog carrier by Petote is the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life. This bag is sophisticated, sexy and down-right beautiful. Made with tasteful fabrics, trimmed with designer Italian leather and gold plated hardware, it’s the perfect repose for your pup on the go while Mommy’s on a bit of a spree in the shoe department at Barney’s. It’s even designed to accomodate a two doggie play date!

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