Urban Cycling With Your Best Friend!

Another trend spotted at SuperZoo? Cycling with your best friend! We got an EXCLUSIVE look at Sidekick by Sleepypod.

We are BIG fans of Sleepypod and could not survive airline travel without our Sleepypod ATOM.

The Atom!

So we were really excited to see the Sidekick.   Sidekick is designed as a stable frame to hold a Sleepypod pet carrier with your pet inside. The front loading bike rack uses the center of gravity right above the front tire for maximum stability rather than the handlebars that can sway and therefore be unstable.

The Sidekick will be available soon so keep your eyes peeled for the launch!

The Sidekick!

If you have multiples or if  your pet is a tad too big to ride in an Atom  AND  you are a fan of relentless Italian Design the Petego Comfort Wagon is for you.

Smartly designed suspension, with a marked emphasis on safety, this wagon will open up a whole new world of activities for you and your pets!

The Pet Ego Comfort Wagon

Safety first!  Especially when you have precious cargo onboard. Whether you’re taking a trip down the block or headed toward a faraway place, your riding companion is sure to appreciate a custom made helmet from Rock Star Puppy.

You can choose from a wide selection of airbrush designs OR create one of your own!  Our favorite? The BadAss Mohawk helmet!

Give 'em a Mohawk!

And when you are out and about don’t forget to HYDRATE! The Troff  Pouch Hydration bottle was one of the smartest products we saw at Superzoo! Troff is  State of the Art Hydration for Dogs. The twist off top, non-spill valve, and fold to go anywhere approach creates a ‘no excuse’ policy for maintaining proper hydration and preventing dehydration. AND it’s eco friendly! The Tröff™ pouch reduces landfill waste by over 90% compared to water bottles of the same volume. It is reusable until damaged.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!
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