Trend Alert! Sauder Home Furniture Building Cool Pet Furniture

Style conscious pet parents are always on the look out for new ways hide the dog bed or at least turn them into functional furniture pieces. The latest new design trend in pet beds is all about rethinking and reworking furniture that we use every day to create sleeping and den spaces for dogs and cats.

Sauder Home Furniture has taken the concept to mass market selling entryway dog beds equipped with leash hooks and coffee tables with hidden beds.

Screenshot 2016-08-01 12.59.50

Entryway dog bed $394.99

Screenshot 2016-08-01 13.05.07

Coffee table bed $289.99

Screenshot 2016-08-01 17.17.01

Side table cat bed (yes, we said the “C” word) $349.99


3 responses on “Trend Alert! Sauder Home Furniture Building Cool Pet Furniture

  1. Paul Manson

    This is a great way of incorporating pets into our own interior decor tastes. Whoever thought that when buying furniture, they would have to consider their cat or dog? Homes will indeed look more attractive and organised now that everyone has their own space plus am sure the pets will feel that they really do belong. Thank you for the awesome ideas.

  2. Leslie

    I think these dog beds look way better than the conventional dog beds. These beds are functional, yet aesthetically pleasing too!

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