Summer Plaid Shirts for BOY dogs by The Rover Boutique

Plaid is WICKED trendy in dog fashion right now and we are even more excited to finally be seeing more options for boy dogs. The PupStyle staff is loaded with small boy dogs and we are on a mission to hunt down the BEST in BOY DOG FASHION we can find.

Rover outfit inspired by the rainy, Fall like weather we are getting in Toronto - fieldworkers vest, gingham shirt and blue floral bow tie collar!

The Rover Boutique is all hand made, high-quality dog fashion. This macho, hipster ensemble was inspired by Fall weather with it’s fieldworkers vest layered with gingham shirt and floral bow tie. This is a STELLAR example of print mixing. Take’s unexpected but totally works from a styling perspective. BRAVO!

Mr. Bernard PupStyled in The Rover Boutique Angle Shirt

They were nice enough to send me their Angler Dog Shirt and bow tie for Mr. Bernard to test out and it seems the chicks dig it. He’s getting hit on all the time  by the ladies in the park  wanting to take him to Nantucket.




One response on “Summer Plaid Shirts for BOY dogs by The Rover Boutique

  1. paul at whirly dog supplies

    You did great on finding high boy dog fashion. I adopted a little Maltese a couple years ago when I became disabled and he inspired me to start making dog clothes, which I now sell on Etsy, eBay, and at . Everything I have is value priced, ready to wear dog clothes. This next year I am looking to keep the value clothes for dogs but I want to start making high fashion pet apparel.
    You inspired me. I will be bookmarking your site and referring to it often. Thanks so much.

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