Spirt Talk on Cablevision’s new series “Dara’s Dog World” on News 12 NJ!

Dara recently made a deal with Cablevision’s News 12 NJ to host her own pet series called “Dara’s Dog World” which will start airing late October or early December.

In honor of Halloween, Dara had the opportunity to sit down with a talented animal communicator called “Teresa Communicates” to see if any of her deceased pets would stop by and have a chat. Even before the camera’s started rolling, Teresa began whispering little tid-bits of information to Dara about one of her most infamous  side kicks “Tulip The Jack Russell” aka “The Tool”.

Stay tuned to PupStyle.com & News12.com to find  out what it’s like to make contact with a passed-away-pet and see Dara’s reaction to some of the messages Tuip had for her from the other side. Some of what Dara heard shocked and amazed her, but Teresa was spot on!

To treat your self to a session and make an appointment go to  TeresaCommunicates.com

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