Rodeo Drive via Superzoo!

Rodeo Drive is  the Superzoo Couture Alley! We saw some of our old friends and are excited by the new ones we met!

Dog in the Closet’s unique escape proof harness is functional as well as cuter than cute! The hand crafted quality of these denim pieces are definitely couture worthy!
Of particular note are  these Angel wings!  Which won Pet Style News Editors Choice!  

Hey Green Monster is a home-based, dog-centric company focused on creating functional and expressive dogwear that remains true to the “dog-ness” in our best friends. ​ ​Green Monster believes that pet personality can be expressed in dogwear without losing functionality.  We love the logo!  

There was a big push toward sustainability and eco friendliness in clothing.  MuffinHead understands the concept of upcycling clothing. Clothing is cheaper than it has ever been, which makes it more accessible, but also more disposable.

The average American throws out 68 pounds of clothing each year. The materials used to make Muffinhead (with the exception of the Velcro and threads, which are at least purchased locally) are gathered from local sources, all  handmade in Portland, which supports the Pacific Northwest economy.

So that’s the best of Superzoo as we saw it. That’s not to say that there wasn’t more that we loved ! In the coming weeks we will be featuring more great stuff so keep checking in!

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