Prepare To Let The Dogs Out! Winter Pet Fashion Tips by Dara

Hope Ready for Snow
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Hope Ready for Snow
photograph by :sdc2027

During cold snaps like we have been experiencing on the North & Midwest, it’s VITAL you keep your pet warm and paws pain free from sidewalk and road salts.


Often people think dog shoes are only for fashion. Some are designed to help protect a dogs paws from sidewalk salt that’s extremely painful for them. Consider giving shoes a try or rubbing a protective salve on their paws to keep them safe.

If they do step into salt, rinse with luke warm water and dry asap.

Dog coats are not just for fashion. So many small breeds who are closer to the ground than larger breeds truly benefit from an extra layer or warmth. I’ve styled many large breed dogs in coats and to their parents surprise LOVE wearing them too!

As the world’s first Pet Style Expert & Pet Fashion Stylist, I can tell you that dogs thrive on the extra attention they get from wearing clothes and the positive reaction they get from people. Give dog fashion a try, it might cure his/her winter blues!

Looking good makes dogs feel good too!

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  1. Dog Care

    the dog is very cute and beautiful on the pink and red dress. thank you also for sharing to us some of the tips during winter. well-fashioned.

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