Durable and Beautiful Pet Toys-Holiday Gift Idea

If your going to buy a dog toy for holiday this year that will actually last beyond 2 days, check out the new Garden Fresh collection by P.L.A.Y.
Our rugged toy tester “Flo” the Jack Russell Terrier who can rip apart a toy in seconds has been carrying around her pea pod toy for over a month and it’s still completely intact. A MAJOR MIRACLE. You can buy a box of Fresh veggie toys or each individual. I can personally give this my stamp of approval which is not easy to get. $39

Durable and PupStylish dog toys

3 responses on “Durable and Beautiful Pet Toys-Holiday Gift Idea

  1. Michelle

    Nothing bugs me more than when my dogs destroy a toy within minutes of me handing it over to him… If these toys are as good as you say, I certainly wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra for them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lady_blue

    That’s a cute toy! My dog is really an active dog so I always look for toys to keep him busy or else our furniture and plants will suffer. I got my dog toy at biteem and so far so good.
    Do you have idea on what these cute toys are made?

  3. dara Post author

    I would go to the manufacturers web site and inquire about exact materials. I swear to god, my JRT rips apart toys in an hour and I feel like it’s such a waste of money, but this is a VERY rare toy that is still intact! The individual prices are good too for each veggie. I love how pretty they are too :).
    -Happy New Year!

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