Cool Clothes Are Not Just For People…

Since we fist discovered Wooflink we have been OBSESSED! A lot of designers call themselves ” canine couturiers” but none hold a candle to the designers at WoofLink! From thier signature packaging ( everything is delivered wrapped in gorgeous tissue and tied with a beautiful pink satin bow) to the Facebook Page that features the diva dogs of customers who send in pics of thier dogs dressed in Wooflink!

And can we just talk about Emma and Julie? Every day these two act as the spokesdogs for the brand and are heartbreakers!

We love the ” My Favorite Hoodie ” From the 2013 Collection it is our own personal favorite and a steal at $44.00!

Whether rough housing at the dog run or prancing down city streets this collection will absolutely turn heads! Just ask MeiMei!


2 responses on “Cool Clothes Are Not Just For People…

  1. Jennifer

    Cute post, I feel like my mother would love this site. She has a little one that she dresses up all the time. I will definately be intorducing her to this site. Do you have a facebook page that you update your fans on new posts as well. Great photographs to, I love to see the styles.

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