Bespoke Fun & Funky Custom Moustache Dog Sweater on ETSY

Moustacs are the HOOOTT trendy icon right now being seen on everything from t-shirts to dog sweaters. This is a rather pivotal moment

in dog fashion because normally lags a year behind in trends like this.  This makes the PupStyle office happy dance in our seats because the

trends wil quickly speed up and be as fast moving and exciting as the human fashion planet. The PupStyle Squad will be at Global Pet Expo next

month scoping out more hot trends and scouting products for our NEW ON-LINE BOUTIQUE!

When I met WillieRatBag on Twitter yesterday and saw these this design I flipped out. I am always

a sucker for something custom and special that you will really treasure and this tops my chart this week.  Walking your dog sporting this sweater in

downtown in NYC will cause so much head snapping Chiropractors all over Manhattan will be thanking WillieRatBag.

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