French Bulldog Fashion & Macaron Dog Treats

All things French or should we say “Frenchie”  seem to be taking over the pet world these days. According to the American Kennel Club, the French Bulldog was the #2 most popular dog breed in America in 2021 just behind the Labrador Retriever.
French themed luxury pet products and websites dedicated to French  Bulldog fashion are popping up on the internet.  for example features products curated just for French Bulldogs and the  pet parents who love them.
If your dog isn’t French  don’t worry! You can embrace the lux French lifestyle  buy indulging your pup with all-natural, human-grade macarons with a hint of lavender. Check out the gorgeous and delicious line of dog macaroon treats and plush toys by Bonne et Filou. A distinctive French-inspired brand for those who live for luxury and love care about  living PupStyle! Dog macarons are made from human-grade ingredients. Available in a variety of flavors including BIRTHDAY CAKE! Yummy!

If your dog is on a diet and don’t fret! You can still be part of the French fun with this new line of plush Macaron toys by Bonnie et Filou. They offer 3 and 6 packs of plushies with squeezers inside. Always be sure to supervise your pup when squeakers are involved to avoid choking.

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