Dara Foster’s 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Dog

Did you know that 63% of American house holds have pets? Dog gifts this holiday season are all about personalization, customization and keeping them safe and healthy.


From human-grade dog food tailored for your specific dog delivered right to your door, to dog DNA test kits that not only give you the fluffy breed reveal, but teach you about potential genetic diseases for your dog. It’s all about caring for your dog as an unique individual not just as generic breed or dog.

Check out my latest TV appearance on the Morning Blend and holiday gift pet gift ideas below. Happy shopping PupStylers!












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2 responses on “Dara Foster’s 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Dog

  1. Amit

    This article is such a great post which effectively reveals some incredible information. I personally feel the usefulness of the article and that helps me in writing my own pet blog (which is named after my pet labra Scotch).
    Thanks a lot

  2. Kim

    I stumbled upon this somehow, but now I’m really happy I did. I was just thinking about what I should get my pup for Christmas. Treats and toys are always a must, but I wanted to get him something different too.
    I think the Whistle is a great idea! I love going on hikes with him and I don’t always like to use a leash because I want him to feel free and enjoy himself. However, as any concerned mother of a fur child, I don’t want him to run away or get lost one day. Having a GPS on him that syncs to my phone would give me a peace of mind!

    Thank you so much for sharing, this was a great read. Very informative!

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