PupStylish Kids Books: The First Pup by Bob Staake

(We would like to introduce you to our latest addition to the PupSquad – 8 year old Parker Spooner will be reviewing everything from cool new dog toys to dog themed books)

Title: The First Pup: The Real Story of How Bo Got to the White House
Author: Bob Staake
Reviewed by: Parker Spooner

The First Pup is a non-fiction book and has very funny pictures. I liked the style of the artwork – there is no outlining of the pictures. the people don’t have many rounded edges on their body but Bo is drawn with curvy edges. I thought it was funny that the cartoons of Michelle Obama had very wide hips and Barrack Obama had a skull shaped head. The dogs on the inside front and back covers are very colorful and look like a variety of cute doggies. I like that none of the characters look exactly alike and the artist took his time drawing each individually. Also I noticed that the clouds are not drawn with poofy edges but are scribbly and still look like normal clouds. If you look closely at the pictures you can see small details like Bo’s head peeking out of a window, a tiny rabbit, a weathervane and other tiny details.

The book takes place mainly in the White House with the Obama family. The Obamas have a problem where they can’t choose which kind of dog to adopt – until they meet Bo! They learned about the Portugese Water Dog from Senator Ted Kennedy . This book is an exciting time for the Obamas – they get a new dog which is very exciting for them! Bo is like their dream dog because he is so sweet, cute, energetic, and nice to have around the house.

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