Star Wars themed Dog Chorus

If you follow the dog costume scene like we do – you probably saw “Bones” the dog dressed as a Star Wars At-At (see below) making the viral rounds. Well it looks like that viral fame has paid off big time for Bones!
UPDATE: It is NOT Bones Mello the virally famous At-At costume dog! According to this post on Bones Mello’s Facebook page – this video is the first time they heard about this. FOR SHAME VW STEALING BONES PUPSTYLE!

With an awesome cameo appearance in Volkswagon’s primetime Super Bowl ad for 2012. A chorus of various pups starts off barking the “Imperial March (Emperor’s Theme)” from Star Wars. Be sure to keep an eye out for Bones as “the At-At”, an Ewok, a Wookie and other dog costumed characters. Hillarious! More info about the VW SuperBowl ads here.


2 responses on “Star Wars themed Dog Chorus

  1. jon

    Ahh you are correct John!
    Lucas films is making a pretty penny off of Volkswagen with this campaign as well as last year’s “The Force” ad (with the Darth dressed child controlling a VW with his mind)

    Can’t wait to see the full ad!

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