Pedigree Dog Food TV ad slow-mo dog action shots

The web is crackling with controversy over the latest ad campaign from Pedigree! No – dogs weren’t harmed in the making of this video. Their ad agency TWBA in Toronto filmed two beautiful spots that showcase dogs at their best at super slo-mo 1000 frames per second. But to be honest this has been done before – by French Videographers Pleix as a music video for french techno artist Vitalic. We covered it here way back when on PupStyle Hype Dog Music Video for Vitalic Club Banger.

So the lines are drawn in the sand – some folks feel like it is creative piracy by a corporate ad agency and others think it is the nature of creativity. Honestly we are on the fence – Pleix did not invent the slo-mo dog concept and the Pedigree ad captures more appealing imagery of the dogs overall. But this is obviously the same idea just executed differently.

Either way these are some cute doggies and the ads are great eye candy! So without further ado:

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