Dastardly Dog Purse does permanant damage to your dogs pysche

Dogs are not fannyPack animals. This doggie embarrasment disguised as a “PuppyPurse” by Mardiwoof is more likely to get you arrested by the ASPCA than earn you stripes on your fashionista lapel. This dog carrier is perfect if you’re in a pinch for a redneck prom corsage or hankering for really bad Easter hat. If the looks weren’t atrocious enough, the straps adjust so that you can wear your dog as a fanny pack for hands free abuse. If you actually want your dog to get some exercise, the shoulder strap detaches at one end to become a leash for a “march of shame” past the snickers and jeers of your more fashionable peers.


Quick-draw Treat Gunner from Frolick SnackShotz

There’s a new Treat Slinger in town. Now your 3.2 lbs of Pup fury can be a true gun dog! And no need for mucking through yucky swamps or dodging vice-presidential pot-shots! This Frolick SnackShotz Treat Gun shoots disc shaped doggie treats up to 12 feet for days of mindless fun for the couch potato owner and treat motivated canine. Give your trigger finger a full workout while rewarding your pooch with chicken, beef or minty Disco biscuits that’ll help clean their teeth and freshen that breath. This Wafer Weapon only works with their Discos brand treat bullets (though you could try jamming in some Alka-seltzer!). The Treat Launcher will cost you $21.00 and a bag of Discos refills will run you $3.99 a bag. Please show some restraint and avoid the temptation to nail the cat with this.


PinkPolkaDog Designer Hoodies for only the coolest canines

Handmade Hoodies for Hipster Hounds. Nothing barks “style” louder than a pink, velour, dog hoodie handmade in the good ol’ USA with a ginormous Bulldog patch on the back! Pink Polka Dog’s collection is designed with the urban hound in mind and even includes a ultra cool 70’s vintage cartoon pin for you to share with your bad boy. Choose from pink or blue velour and the folks from PinkPolka Dog will select the perfect novelty pin for your pooch. The Bulldog Hoodie sizes range from XS-XL and will only set you back $49.99-69.99. Not bad for a handmade heatmaker hoodie stitched up in the U S of A!


Exclusive Diva Dog Mink Collars

Is it a kinky boudoir restraint for Paris Hilton or an outlandish fashion accoutrement for your pooch? You can noodle on who belongs with what, but Diva Dog has designed this limited edition leash and collar ensemble with a four legged audience in mind. Now, your pup’s fashion accessories can coordinate with your late night, naughty pumps. And for the “Exclusivity whores”, rest easy knowing that only 250 lucky dogs will get to strut the streets in this stylish set. It comes packed in a leopard print box, with a certificate of authenticity and a unique serial number. They also throw in a Swarovski crystal crusted collar charm to bring added bling to the party. Priced at only $250, this one of a kind Haute Pink Collar and Leash Set is a doggie bargain not to be missed!


Rufus the Bull Terrier wins Westminister Best in Show

In your face Bill Cosby! A five year old, male Bull Terrier named “Rufus” faced Bill Cosby’s co-owned Dandy Dinmont Terrier and schooled past champion “CoCo” (a Norfolk Terrier) to garner Best in Show honors at last night’s Westminster Dog Show. There was a big buzz around Cosby’s Dandy who was heavily favored going into the finals. In the end, the dog with more “bull” than bluff beat 2622 other entries to become the best dog in the world. Judges cited Rufus’ perfectly egg-shaped dome as the clinching trait that won him the title. Rufus is the first Bull Terrier to ever win “Best in Show” honors at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.


Puppia Hoody Vest for your street-wise Pup

You want your French Bulldog to look a bit less “French” and a bit more “Bull” during those early morning walks downtown. But your little princess doesn’t want to kick it DMX Boomer 129 style? Well Puppia Tokyo have the perfect compromise! The Sweety Hoodie Vest is a colorful, reversible and more feminine freindly hooded vest complete with pink, blue or green faux fur trim on the hood. All of these feminine good looks with the street sense and flair of a fur trimmed hoodie! It’s shell is waterproof and the lining is polar fleece which makes it perfect for those damp, chilly Spring morning walks. $65


Hype Dog Music Video for Vitalic club banger

Avant Garde-dog. French techno meisters Vitalic have had the moody instrumental track “Birds” around for a few years but now it is getting a 2nd wind with an incredibly beautiful new video. This delicious bit of slow motion dog footage is courtesy of the video wunderkinds at Pleix in Paris, France. Clocking at over 4 minutes this video has drop dead gorgeous footage of a Bulldog, Papillion, Chinese Crested, Shitzu, a personable Pug, Poodle, Basset Hound all shown flying around in a laser disco wonderland. A must see for all you dog clockers out there.


Organic cotton Louis Dog squeaky toy

For your Green-conscience Dog – Don’t Panic It’s Organic! Organic cotton is not just reserved for hacky sacks in the parking lot at a Phish show, Louis Dog has introduced a whole product line of dog toys made from 100% organic cotton. It’s the must have plush toy for the chemically sensitive pup. This Organic Chewing Carrot is constructed out of cotton grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and is topped off with faux leather greenery so your quadra-ped friend won’t have to touch any nasty animal byproducts. Note, there is a squeaker inside, so be careful to remove it before there is any chance of choking.

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