Become The Dog – 5 Artful Animal Halloween Masks

Looking like a dog never looked so good thanks to the artistic work of Miesmesa Berni! If you’ve ever researched the web under the search terms “adult Halloween dog masks” what you likely find are tons of pictures of Clifford The Big Red Dog and cartoonish rubber dog head masks that will creep out children. That is a big “No, No”. Instead, spend a little time searching around on and for unique, handmade animal masks that no one else will be wearing.


Check out 5 artful animal Halloween masks hand sculpted out of paper mache by the artist Miesmesa Berni. Each mask ships from Latvia  with prices ranging from $58-158 plus shipping. Hit up a local vintage or second hand clothing store for clothing and accessories to wear with the mask. After Halloween, display your beautiful mask on a shelf or hang it on a wall hook.








2 responses on “Become The Dog – 5 Artful Animal Halloween Masks

  1. Seth B


    I was just at a masquerade party the other night and had a cheap tiger mask..I totally wish I had seen this sooner so I could’ve scooped up a higher quality mask.

    Great post!

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