Travel Dog House from Dog is a God

Italian designer Marco Morosini‘s luxury dog brand Dog is a God has been on the scene for many years with their whimsical art-piece cum dog houses such as the iconic Nomad Dog House and other semi-useful but beautiful houses.

nomad dog house from dog is a god

Now they return with an equally extravagant but somewhat usable travel dog house! The aptly named Travel Dog’s House offers a luxury home away from home for the pooch on the go! This sweet little domicile is made for the smaller pup measuring 16″h x 20.5″w x 11″d. The exterior is made of glossy white baked-ceramics with handpainted 24k platinum details. And for the interior there are three options: white carpeting, fluffy sheep skin pad or a red plaid sleeping pad.

Current purchasing options are a bit cryptic as they are being sold by and Bosa only deals with wholesale accounts. But we have an email in to the designer to try and find out where else they are being sold and a price! We will update you when we hear back.

dog is god travel dog house opened and showing the sheepskin interior
dog is god travel dog house and a dog model sporting their latest coat design and one of their new bowl designs
dog is a god travel dog house with a sassy italian fashionista and her two pups!

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