The Biters – a dog toy meant to be destroyed

Designer Meirav Barzilay has come up with a fantastic chew toy concept! A dog toy that is filled with strips of cloth for easy clean up plus treats and a squeaky toy. The Biters keep it clean by sidestepping the usual stuffing that litters your house once your pooch chews their way into the toy. Each of the Biters toys are an original character design by Barzillay and are pretty cool on their own. But once your pup gets to chewing that is when the fun really begins! Inside of each Biter is a cartoonish squeaky toy shaped like an bodily organ as well as a tasty treat. So now you can feel free to indulge your dog’s natural instinct to pull apart their toys and see what is inside. The Biters are available directly from the designer and they are also available in a few shops in Europe.

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