The Amazing Treat Machine

Wow this is a cool use of corrugated cardboard! This cardboard flat-pack folds together to become a free-standing Treat Dispenser & Game. The Amazing Treat Machine is a simple yet innovative dog toy that can entertain your pup for hours. In a nutshell – the dog drops a tennis ball into the top of the box and the ball comes out the bottom with some kibble or treats! It is a very straight-forward concept and looks to capture the interest of their dog-model Hustler (check the video below).

Available from their own store The Amazing Treat Machine is priced reasonably at $9.95 or 3 for $19.95!
Some folks have even decorated their Treat Machines!
Treat machine decoration

The Amazing Treat Machine company also makes a super fantastic cat version – that was originally featured on ModernCat. Be sure to check them out and leave a comment on ModernCat to be entered into a drawing for an Amazing Treat Machine Roller.


2 responses on “The Amazing Treat Machine

  1. jon

    so cheap and so easy to set up… not so easy if your dog is not that bright… 🙂 but we’ve got Mr. Jenkins studying up and hopefully he will catch on!

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