The Doggie Gaga Project by Jesse Freidin

San Francisco based photographer Jesse Freidin (SF best pet photographer 2010) was approached by the Impossible Foundation with 2 packs of the last remaining Polaroid film and a dream! Go forth and take these precious instant film packs and photograph dogs dressed up like Lady Gaga! Jesse fulfilled this dream and in turn fulfilled the dreams of others as well!

The Doggie Gaga Project has gone on to become a internet phenom and one of the top contemporary examples of dog fashion invading the zeitgeist. With five dog models dressed and photographed the collection is an impressive feat of patience and creativity! If you are in the Bay area and in need of some artistic pet photography you can do no wrong with Jesse Freidin behind the lens.

dog model Booker rocks the froggy frock from early in Gaga's rise to fame.

dog model Pancake seems to be pulling off the high red headdress a bit better than Her Royal Gaga-ness!


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