The Obama dog house

Eco friendly dog house from Sustainable Pet is ready for the First Dog. The Obama family keeps making all kinds of public statements about the upcoming First Dog arrival – and it looks like in April the question will finally be answered. But leading up to that point – the fine folks at Sustainable Pet have created the Summa Canum as a gift to the yet-to-be-named presidential pooch. In the past we reported on SustainablePet’s Green roof dog houses as they made quite a splash on the Eco-friendly pet market.

With the Summa Canum project Sustainable Pet have taken Eco-design to a whole new level! The dog house is built from reclaimed Cedar trees naturally felled in a tornado on 7th President Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage property, painted with non-toxic zero-VOC paints and the “Green” roof will be outfitted with local vegetation supplied by a Maryland farm. In order to deliver the white dog house to the white house they have made arrangements to further eliminate their carbon-footprint – Rock-legend and Eco-warrior Neil Young will be delivering the Summa Canum to DC in his LincVolt (a super-efficient electric converted Lincoln Continental).

Obama Dog House Front
Obama Dog House Back
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