Etsy Wednesday: The Taj MahDog by Homedog

In Xanadu did Kublah Khan
A stately pleasure dome decree….

It took Samuel Coolridge multiple tokes of opium to envision an otherworldly sultanate worthy of being called a “pleasure dome”. But you can pack up the pipe and head over to the bountiful bazaar of Etsy and check out the works of HomeDog. Surely a little hit of opium wouldn’t hurt when you are trying to work this twist of far eastern artistry into your modern interior design scheme. These exotic Taj MahDog temples fetch many sheckles ($3200.00!) for their shear awesomeness. Hand built by a Univ of Texas Art and Architecture grad these houses have an astounding amount of realistic detail. Don’t be surprised if you return home to the floor strewn with pillows with a hound harem dancing around the hookah. The Taj Mahdog is one of the many doghouse designs offered by HomeDog. For the Euro-purist there is also the Cathedral of Notre Dog (see photo below).

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