Beat the heat with stylish dog hair gel

During the summer it’s so hot, and not always the best idea to dress up your dog in clothes unless it’s cooling vest or a lightweight accessory. I am always on the hunt for fun, safe & creative ways to play with dog fashion without overheating my pooch.

One fun solution is to experiment with dog hair gel! Let your dog channel his or her inner rock-star with a cute pointy faux-hawk. Smoosh a dab of Clear Hair Gel in your hands and then sculpt your pup’s hair. Your dog will be fist pumping at the Jersey Shore in no time!

Or let your inner hair colorist loose with some Top Performance Hair Dye Gel! NOTE a little goes a long way – dab some color on the ears and tail et Voila you have a four-legged masterpiece!

Top Performance the makers of this product say it safe to use on dog and cats over 12 weeks old (yes I said the “c” word). The hair gels are completely NON TOXIC and CTFA approved.


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