A 21st Century Sucker

In our house dog hair is considered a condiment. It’s pretty hard to avoid the occasional hair on your dinner plate when you live with 3 shedding dogs. Pet hair on your furniture is not only unstylish, but a health hazard for allergy sufferers.

The quickest way to remove pet hair from furniture is to use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment to suck up loose hair and allergy-causing dander.
But what if you could suck up the loose hair before it ends up on the couch?
The Dyson Groom tool is designed with this problem in mind. The substantial brush and vacuum unit attaches to the hose and removes loose hair and dead skin with slick bristles – and with the press of a button, fur and allergens are loosened from the brush bristles and are sucked into the vacuum and contained in the bin. With regular brushing, you’ll save time on cleaning your furniture and your pet will look beautiful!

If your vacuum doesn’t have an upholstery attachment, a lint brush or sticky tape roller is a tried and true method for picking up stuck-on pet hair. For leather furniture, I suggest wiping it down with a lint-free cloth moistened with one part white vinegar and two parts water and then wipe the leather dry with a soft dry cloth.


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