Kinkajou bites heiress; cure for rabies found!

The Hotel heiress spent the night in the hospital after being bitten by her pet Kinkajou. Hilton made headlines late last year when she originally imported the dangerous and illegal South American marsupial and insisted on keeping it as a pet. Since then she has been seen about town with her ubiquitous chihuahua “Tinkerbell” and “Baby Luv” the kinkajou. In a prelude to a photo shoot for her upcoming album release, Hilton and the kinkajou were playing on the floor when the animal became excited and clamped down on her left arm. Paris was admitted to a Los Angeles area hospital and treated with a Tetanus shot for fear of disease from the beast’s dirty maw. “Baby Luv” is undergoing periodic de-lousing as well as an ongoing hour-by-hour STD watch which is still in effect.

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